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People advice being dating single tip

Incredibly, although we’d never met in real life before, because of our virtual fantasy relationship we already felt we knew about one another.

18 and 30 year old dating

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As a substitute teacher, for example, I've never humored the notion of dating an 18 year-old high school student. My current girlfriend and I share a 7-year age difference, which isn't all that removed from the OP's scenario.

Name's Jennifer, she's 18, has the best smile, etc." It's icky. But the woman in question was out on her own, and we were both students at the same school. she was mature for her age; I wasn't, we were closer together than our ages. I don't think it's naturally wrong or anything, but I can say that as a 29 year old guy, I would never do it.

As for the OP, it could work, if she was pretty mature for her age. He had recently broken up with his gf of 10 years after they'd realized that all they'd had in common for several of those years was once-a-week sex.

Or he's rather indulgent of her age-appropriate immaturity. The longest running job he had was 6 months and he was always late on rent, partied like crazy and basically acted like he was out on his own for the first time in his life. Don't know how much he's changed, but he was basically on the same level as an 18 y/o at that time. While 16 is the legal age of consent in most of the U. So boinkin' your teeny-bopper friend won't get you in trouble, but giving her a glass of wine with your home-cooked meal can get you in some deep shit. How the relationship evolved is another question altogether (those particular two are married, have teenage twins), but so long as both parts are being straightforward and neither is playing the other, I've got no problem with it. I do see a difference bwteen that and a 28 YO girl and a 39 YO man, for example. Honestly, I wish more and more teen girls put marriage later and later.

Name's Jennifer, she's 18, has the best smile, etc." It's icky. Maybe they like the same show that is on at 3 AM on some public acess channel.

True, but I can think of a lot of 'maybes' on why they work. [I'm in a long-term relationship, just to clarify for the rest of my post] I would think it would really have to do with many, many factors. Or an 18 year old who rents a room in the same house as I did.