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A diferencia de lo establecido en normas ortográficas anteriores, a partir de la Ortografía académica de 1999 las formas verbales con enclíticos deben acentuarse gráficamente siguiendo las reglas de acentuación; así, formas como estate, suponlo, deles, deme se escriben ahora sin tilde por ser palabras llanas terminadas en vocal o en -s.

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He also wanted to know how to create an abundance mindset. Chris – I purchased your Ex Girlfriend program and am very impressed with the product.

I wanted your insight into developing more of an abundance mindset with women/dating in general and overcoming a fear or scarcity.

What I’ve discovered is that abundance mentality comes from within.

Firstly, if you base your mindset off external factors (the amount of women in your life, your level of ‘game’, etc), then you’re going to constantly be struggling.

You’re going to be constantly working to bolster the foundation of your mindset.

Having an abundance mentality makes the process of attracting women so much easier.

From what I’ve seen, this is the more drawn out and arduous process, and I have a quicker way of getting there.