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Actionscript updating dynamic text

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When the xml element will be first created, all attributes defined at the element will be copied to the element itself.This will be done before the attributes that are defined at xml element itself will be applied.Additionally some special backward-compatibility workarounds (like when comparing empty %N parameters) will be disabled.See also here: Strict / non-strict comparisons Define the url / filename to a small 'preview' panorama image that will be displayed while loading the full pano image.like 'videourl'), the value of the attribute will be intrepted as url / path to a resource.When a relative path will be used as url value, then the path will be automatically adjusted to be relative to the xml file in which the url attribute was defined.These basic rules are the same for all xml files and not specific to krpano.

This avoids accidentally mix-ups between variables and strings.

See here for more details: Flashplayer10 color Correction Possible settings: "default", "on", "off" Warning - there can be performance degrades when set to "on" !

Enable or disable the 'strict mode' of the expression parser.

Additionally there is one special case here - when using this on elements, then the variables used there, need to be defined before the current xml gets loaded.

This is the main / root element of a krpano xml file.