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Here are some signs that might indicate that you are dating a psychopath. You might get mad at people for trying to convince you to break up with your partner, or make excuses for your partner because you are convinced that you are the only one that understands him or her. He or she feels entitled to act the way that they do.

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Its Parental Mode setting allows parents to receive reports that have blurbs of content with flagged words that indicate bullying, sexual behavior, and violence.Parents can also prevent access to certain synchronized data and view the child's last GPS location.Parents can receive a free sample report after typing a child's email address on the product's site to see what comes up in an Internet search.The site offers a money-back guarantee, and subscribers have free access to the mobile version.You can also customize it by choosing from 35 different categories (e.g., nudity, profanity, etc.) to block or allow content.(.99; i Phone, i Pad)Get alerts on your mobile phone and computer that include updates about questionable texts, photos, videos, and unauthorized phone numbers.

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It includes a wide array of parental controls, including category blocking, time limits, Internet activity reports, blocked phrases, and You Tube filtering.In addition, Dust will notify you if a screenshot has been grabbed.The average American teen spends up to seven hours a day in contact with others on electronic devices, and a recent survey by AVG Technologies found that almost one in six 6- to 9-year-olds and one in five 8- to 9-year-olds have experienced what parents consider objectionable or aggressive behavior online.The app has three views -- "kid's," "alert," and "helper's." In the "kid's view," a child who requires assistance clicks either a "small alert" or "urgent alert" button on the app, which then notifies adults in his network that help is needed.The "alert view" reveals the adult helper who will provide assistance and the "helper's view" reveals the child's and the helper's locations to determine how far they are from each other.( per month or 0 for one year)If your child has a social networking account, monitor his page and track keywords related to bullying, racial slurs, alcohol, cursing, and more.