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People 50 after dating life mid minefields negotiating romance

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Albanian men dating english women

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[I, on the other hand, rang the police.] He also knows how to dismantle an AK47 in under a minute, though I admit this hasn’t come in handy yet.

6] The accent They say that the French language is the most beautiful in the world. English spoken with a French accent sounds like a cat trying to talk through dental braces. Yes, he does always sound like he has just woken up, but his accent will always make me go weak at the knees.

5] The importance of extended family I am not that close to my brother or sisters.

I am close to my father but my mother died a few years ago after a long illness so I never had a proper adult relationship with her.

It may damage my reputation beyond repair [if that hasn’t happened already].

My husband’s education with regards to world history is superior to mine, and to most in the UK.

Except when he’s telling me to fold the sheets in the airing cupboard, maybe.

I am from Albania, but have lived and been educated in Greece and the US.

I think he is tougher than his English counterparts, who wouldn’t know what to do if they had to put a tent up in the rain, or drive across Serbia without getting killed by mad bus drivers overtaking on a bend, or if a burglar broke into the house.

Two men tried to climb in our bedroom window a few years ago.