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So ergab beispielsweise eine Untersuchung der Drexel University in Philadelphia im Jahr 2015, dass 88 Prozent der Befragten Erfahrungen mit Sexting haben, 74 Prozent mit dem festen Partner sexten und 43 Prozent mit der lockeren Liebschaft tun.

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I was happy to play the type A nerdy, naive, inexperienced girl.But, even from the start, there was this aspect of her being a little bit manic, a little bit crazy, which is always fun to play.And that’s a great example of a job I would have taken regardless, but became a lot more fun and interesting as it went on. Where network TV is trapped by the demands of advertisers, films are slave to the box office.

Dan was just challenging the medium itself, which was a fun thing to work with.

Dallas enters the Nostromo’s labyrinthine ventilation shafts, intending to force the alien into an airlock, but it ambushes him.

Lambert, realizing the alien is killing the crew one by one, implores the others to escape in the ship’s shuttle.

On the Nostromo, Ripley determines that the transmission is not a distress signal but a warning.

In the alien ship, Kane discovers a chamber containing hundreds of eggs.