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(To hear the report in English, follow directions on his website.

Be warned that it contains graphic description of the sexual assault of a minor.) , the Internet has become part of Hasidic life.

This is certainly the case when the leadership penalizes the abused and not the abusers—especially when the abuser has been appointed by the community to work with children.

This January, Rabbi Nechemya Weberman, an unlicensed youth therapist from Williamsburg’s Satmar community was sentenced to 103 years in prison for repeated sexual abuse of a 12-year-old girl.

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He still records his hotline, the most recent of which addresses the trial of Yosef Kolko, who admitted to abusing multiple victims while working as a camp counselor in Lakewood, N. He is the son of Yehuda Kolko, who abused multiple students during his tenure as a teacher at a Brooklyn yeshiva.For this reason, many abuse cases are never brought to light, even within Orthodox news circuits.Additionally, communities with large populations of Holocaust survivors, such as the Satmar, are wary of secular authorities (who themselves are hesitant to get on the bad side of the politically powerful Hasidim).In Late May, Venishmartem held a “Filterthon” in Midwood, Brooklyn.Orthodox men were invited to bring their electronic devices for free installation of filtering software with features such as “skin color blocking,” which scans Web pages for immodest quantities of human skin tones, and “accountability solutions,” which send a user’s browsing history to a third party.To Mandel, now 30 and a full-time student at New York University, banning the Internet is not only ineffective, it’s illogical. “If you’re going to ban the Internet, you should ban the Bible, because there are bad books.