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As well as providing a window into his work, Art’s website, is a rich and important historical resource that will remain accessible to all for the foreseeable future.

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Then it transitioned into an involuntary out of body experience where my spirit was floating uncontrollably above my bed.

I could see my brother in his bed and I was trying to get back in my body.

I believe what the Bible teaches about demons and that there is a spiritual dimension that is unseen to our human eyes. I have yet to find a commonality as to why sp happens or what causes it but as sure as I know the reality we know and live in everyday, I know these are not hallucinations.

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Many of the times I am being strangled and feel a real pressure on my chest.

Also, when fighting so hard to get out of sp, I had strained so hard to move a limb that I have actually moved my "spirit" arm or leg up out of my body.

This is also how I explain the ability to look around the room while in sp, It's my spirit that is moving all the while my body is paralysed.

The other ones were smaller and oh ya this was all in my mind, the conversation we had.

I knew jesus would never put fear in me so i made a phone call to my dad who also has had bad experiences because i asked the tall one if my dad knew about it and he told me yes. I am also a follower of Jesus Christ, and I believe that there is a spiritual realm that exists that we normally don't perceive as well as the physical world in which our usual existence takes place.