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At the very least, it is our culture’s way for a guy and girl to get involved romantically.

The next question is: Should Christians approach it that way?

There is absolutely no way an unbeliever can even attempt to reach the marriage ideal set out in Ephesians 5, nor can they help the other side with their spiritual walk with God.

It is dumping yourself in an “unequally yoked” relationship for sure (2 Cor. The Bible does address situations where there is a Christian married with a non-Christian (1 Peter 3, 1 Corinthians 7), but by no means does that justify knowingly and willingly getting into such a union in the first place.

Biblically speaking, this should be a blindingly obvious answer: Yes, it is wrong.

If you are a Christian and if you have some measure of choice, you should not marry an unbeliever.

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How, may I ask, is dating an unbeliever or non-walking Christian an unequally yoked relationship?This a person who you spend a lot of time with, have more physical touch with (hopefully not too much…), become emotionally attached to, etc.And since it is unequally yoked, the relationship will become a burden on your relationship with God because that person is not going to encourage you on your walk; in fact, he or she will most likely drag you down, knowingly or not.The answer is that if Christians view marriage with the same seriousness that Scripture views it, we would not approach romantic relationships lightly because they are our culture’s normal path to marriage and reflect what we think of marriage.Dating isn’t marriage, but if it’s preparation for marriage and if we truly care about being pure and holy, then it’s still something that Christians should put a lot spiritual thought into.Most Christian girls know the Sunday School answer to the question: “What are you looking for in a guy?