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He then returned to the USA and finished the war as a four-engine bomber instructor. escape artists who actually succeeded in escaping from a German P. This unusual position saved his life on July 4, 1943 during a bombing mission against German sub pens, when a FW-190 attacked his aircraft fired a 20mm cannon roundthat slammed into his turret, directly through the gun sight where his head should have been.

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Each Publisher Proof also comes with the bonus autograph of the late Col.

Following the ditching, Klint returned to combat and flew what he considers his toughest mission, the October 14, 1943, Second Schweinfurt Mission, often called the greatest air battle of WWII and known to those who flew that day as "Black Thursday."He was upgraded from co-pilot to pilot on December 29, 1943, and flew his last nine missions as a pilot in command of the B-17 “Luscious Lady.” His 25th and final mission was on February 20, 1944. In fact, Mo escaped twice from the Stalag 17-B camp in Krems, Austria.

Klint went on a two week public relations tour of British aircraft factories after completion of his combat tour. At age 19, Mo enlisted in the Army Air Forces and became a ball turret gunner with the 343rd Squadron of the 305th Bomb Group, “The Can Do Group.” Taller then most ball turret gunners, Mo barely fit in the turret and had to cock his head to the side of the gun sight.

One of the cannon shells exploded inside a wing, severing the bracing and connecting structure and causing the wing virtually to flap in the air.

Another shell exploded in the plane and flying shell fragments wounded and stunned Noack, knocking him out for several minutes.