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Long before anyone else in the Police Department, he used his personal Twitter account to try to show people that he wasn’t much different from any other thirtysomething living in the city; he just happened to wear a badge to work everyday.His tweets lurched from funny and self-deprecating — “Just had worth of Wawa food on the touch screen then hit cancel and walked out.The guns needed to disappear until the heat died down.Foster pulled out a black drawstring bag and emptied its contents: a .357 Glock, a Mac-10 assault rifle, and a 9mm subcompact.Cops, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and relatives of victims and defendants jostled for space near a handful of lobby elevators, bracing for the slow, uncomfortable ride that awaited them all.Stragglers smoked cigarettes outside in the 91-degree heat. He’d killed more hours than he cared to count pacing its narrow hallways, waiting to testify in one case or another.He contacted the Crime Scene Unit and told them to get someone out to Angora Terrace to start preserving evidence. ichael Lockhart decided to load up on some Percocets before the agony set in. 11, and Michael was sitting in a rowhouse on Walton Avenue in West Philly, waiting for his friend, Kerry Foster, to ink a tattoo — “Love is Pain” — on his ribs.But a week later, Murray got an unexpected call from doctors at HUP. The smart play seemed to be to let the night drift away in a warm fog of the oxycodone.

At 35, Murray was tall and trim with a narrow face and close-cropped brown hair.

When Murray reached an official at the hospital, he was told that Downs was lost in a coma. Philly’s trauma centers work miracles every day, but it didn’t seem like Downs would be one of them.

Murray figured the case would soon end up in the hands of a Homicide detective.

Big step for me.” — to offering particulars about unsolved crimes.

This approach won him thousands of followers and some glowing media coverage, but it pissed off some of the department’s older bosses, who didn’t think a detective should be releasing information to the public without going through the chain of command.