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My fingers seemed to move to his head and slip through his hair. His tongue flicked the fleshy folds of my pussy and then darted against the back of the opening.“Oh, Dick! I squirmed against the wall when he shoved at least two fingers into my opening. He parted my thighs and rammed his hard cock into my soggy pussy. I know he whispered some more dirty words and I probably said some too, but I was shocked when I felt something against my clit.

I found myself working with him, my pussy fucking his fingers while he sucked on my clit. I wanted him so bad, I clinched my teeth with the impending score. I was just going to start rubbing it, in case Dick went too soon, when a hand moved mine away. ” I gasped, not sure how I felt about this, my hands moved to push her away.“Just let go,” Ruth’s soft voice instructed me, her hands pushing mine away.

” Steve added, “That’s what you said.”So I slipped it off and turned around quickly to whistles and cat calls.

Steve was mumbling something about riding someone’s cock.

Soon it was ten-thirty, and a group had decided to go to Dick and Ruth’s for some more drinking and whatever.

I can’t wear a bra under it so the firm nipples on my smallish breasts, become very noticeable. I slipped on a black blazer and then my black trench coat. “We’ve got to go,” I reminded him.“Too bad,” he fixed the obvious bulge in his pants.”“No, I don’t think so,” I worked to remove his hands from my wrists. “I hear that you are a little sex kitten at work anyway. ”“If I take it off,” I bargained, “Will you take me home? “It must be naughty.”Steve released me and stepped back a step or two.“It’s time to leave.”“It’s too sexy for you.” Dick informed Steve.“What the…” I looked at Dick, “Thanks for the help! I slipped the blazer back a little on my shoulders to wolf whistles from Steve.“Ok, that’s enough,” I stopped.“You said you’d take it off,” Ruth chimed in.“Yea!My muscles tightened, my voice scratchy and broken. I know Ruth had to get a face full as I really came hard. I dove into her muff and worked everything I could to discover what she liked.“Oh! As she released my face, I felt a pair of hands on my bare hips, “You are such a slut! As I started to move away, he showed me over on my back, lifted my legs in the air and planted his meat stick inside me.“That’s not what you want,” Ruth came back to life and shoved at his chest. ”In a flash, Dick was on his back and Ruth and I were taking turns sucking his cock and balls.I was just catching my breath when Ruth got out from under me and said, “Come with me.”I had no idea why she was leading me upstairs and didn’t care. ”Both her hands were on my head now and I felt she was directing me to move lower. We worked his manhood with out hands and our mouths, he called us every dirty name in the book. I ground my pussy all over his face as he lashed at it with his tongue and fucked me with his fingers. ”We hugged for a brief moment and then Ruth drove me home. We agreed to get together again soon.“Merry Christmas,” we hugged each other good-by.“Maybe we can get together for New Years Eve? They were all on the floor and Steve was ready to nail them. I go to the tanner often so I’m sporting a nice tan and wasn’t wearing nylons. ”I didn’t care about anything except getting off, right now and started moving back and forth with his thrusts. With his hands on my hips, I felt like I was being pulled back from the edge of the kitchen cabinets.