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One, he can get million straight away; or two, he can spend million in 30 days (with tons of restrictions), he can get 0 million! Fortunately, as long as you’ve got some ghost-truckers, hobos, and bikers on your side, things can still turn out okay.

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At the centre of the story is Miles Roby, for whom the promising opportunities of youth have given way to the demands of family obligations, especially those concerning his cantankerous father Max and impressionable daughter Tick. Scarlett takes an interest in a veteran undergoing equine therapy. As the trial of music producer Phil Spector for the 2003 death of actress Lana Clarkson approaches, attorney Linda Kenney Baden agrees to join Spector's defence team, headed by lead attorney Bruce Cutler.Daphne struggles to accept Deacon and Jessie's relationship. Sam is considered for the lead in a sitcom, but lots of factors are at play.Selina settles on a location for her presidential library. Filmed over a period of four months, Abu's story illustrates the incredible bravery of the thousands of children who have been orphaned by Ebola as they reconcile with the past and forge new lives.The humorous, poignant story of a declining New England town and its inhabitants, whose lives are deeply rooted in and influenced by the Knox River and its vacant mills, their class differences, and ghosts of the past.More Info Wary that she may revert to her old, hard-partying ways on her first weekend back at home, Amy talks Levi into taking a rafting excursion to the Kern River, which they used to frequent during happier times when they were married.The idyllic trip takes a downturn however when Amy discovers that her mission to implement change in Levi may be more difficult than she realised.More Info Alicia and Diane consider merging their firms in the wake of Will's death, even as they find themselves on opposite sides of a contentious divorce suit.

Daphne struggles to accept Deacon and Jessie's relationship. More Info After an intense therapy session, Michelle organises a day of fun with old friends, despite Brett's lack of enthusiasm.

The team has a wealth of suspects from which to choose as they search for a missing paparazzo who felt responsible when one of his pictures outing a TV star led to the actor's ruin and eventual suicide.

More Info Alcide and Sookie turn to an alpha-wolf "packmaster" for advice on dealing with Russell's minions, whilst Tara considers a proposal from Franklin, who's completed his mission for Russell.

After some soul searching, Ricky maps out a new future. Meanwhile, Sherlock has a difficult time accepting Mycroft and Joan's new relationship.

In Ajir, Libya, Section 20 endures a gauntlet of gunfire and an urban ambush to extract Morgan Ives, the unscrupulous American arms dealer who was double-crossed by Idrisi.