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I appreciate my friends and family and we usually have a lot of fun when gather for meeting or some celebration. Against what many people like to say, the vast majority of these women are not seeking a visa or a man with a fortune…

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So when I dialled 999, it went back to ‘DCI Jane Seymour’.She must have had an accomplice posing as the emergency services operator and, as easy as that, we fell into their trap.How many times have we all been told, ‘Never, never give your PIN number to anyone. We hesitated — and this is where DCI Seymour scored again. ‘Tap them into the phone and they will be sent straight to our technical team.’ DCI Seymour kept reassuring us that all would be well. We’ll debit it from your HSBC account and I’ll call you again tomorrow at noon.’It was all so comforting.Her manner was solicitous, reassuring and practical.

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I gave a long stretched over my head and rolled over.

With my face buried in my pillow my hand flopped out and slapped at the snooze button a few times until Mozart faded away.

That lovely middle ground between sleep and awake hovered in my head for a few happy minutes. My eyes flashed open and I lurched towards the clock.

The inspector then broke the news that someone had cloned my wife’s card and was using it to make major purchases.