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I’m still on the fence as to whether it’s a hookup site or not. Sadly, yes, but it happens very rarely as I usually swing towards the other end of the spectrum and don’t feel a connection with most. So here are the facts: She’s on one site and has had met 1 man this year. While I don’t have one of those dreaded ‘lists’ that I expect men to meet, I DO expect to feel the slightest desire to kiss or be kissed by one of them****go about your days now ❤ So I moved to a new town. Luckily he helped me out when he asked what I was doing later that night. I can only be my charming and witty self for so long with someone I haven’t even met yet. Oh, and for the record, I’ve swiped left FAR more than I’ve swiped right.

Do I get attached MUCH too quickly to men that I don’t yet really know? And I don’t really have an answer for that these days. ****edited to add: before all the haters out there bash me for being ‘too picky’, I assure you, I’m not. I didn’t tell Mr Tinder that we had met before and was just trying to decide how to end our online chat.

We were regaling her with our stories of online dating. I never thought of it as ‘fast tracking’ (proven my 7 years, give or take, of online dating – thus, the blog). And by game, I of course mean a lengthy and soul crushing journey to find the bright shinny penny in the piles of garbage.

To me it implies taking shortcuts and not really valuing the quality of the ‘route’ but just trying to accomplish something as fast as possible. You can imagine the look I gave my friend as we sat at happy hour on Monday with a mutual friend who is married. Is that what I’m doing by being on several dating sites at once and going on more than the average number of dates? Either that or I’ve already met him and scared him off.

’ Yeah, yeah, I know, not my best work, but honestly I’m still a weirdly nervous goober when it comes to being on Tinder. Up until junior year of high school I would cry almost daily. I sort of came into my own in college and had THE BEST TIME of my life. I honestly have no idea how many terrific, or not so terrific, men I could have gotten to know if I’d only paid attention.

I decided to tell everyone that made fun of me in the past to, quite literally, fuck off.

I was fun and flirty and skinny and pretty and snarky and had a bazillion friends and ‘friends’.

My friend, who is my Bumble compatriot, says ‘yeah, Grey is on the fast track’.

Forget about dating for a couple of weeks before finding out all about a common passion or hobby you share or whether you have similar views on various topics.

super Filed under: bad dates,bad dates,bumble,dating,internet dating,online dating,single,speed dating,texting,tinder — Grey Goose, Dirty @ am Tags: blogging, dating, fast track, introspective bullshit, online dating, single Not sure what this phrase even means. To me it means getting to point B from point A as fast as possible.

Online dating is a bit of a ‘necessary evil’ I feel. At times I let this sadden me but, by and large, I use it as an example that there is truly someone for everyone. Fast track or not, I’m apparently as confused as ever …………. I never activated my ‘Our Time’ profile, so that doesn’t count.

Some of the dumbest shit ever has come out of my mouth during these interviews. Me, being the chatty Cathy that I have been known to be, wrote an actual little cliff’s notes blurb about who I am and whom I am looking for. With all the self awareness that I could muster, I responded with ‘honestly, I’m not sure’, to which he replied that he was either looking for a serious relationship or a friend. As I’m fairly new to town, I was a little stumped by this. I had met him, over the summer, when he sat down next to me at a popular bar in town (yes, some things never change).

Uhm, that has NOT happened, and it’s totally fucking with my confidence. Then I threw in how I’m able to ‘think outside the box’ to get things done. Now, if only I could have a date that good with someone local……….. Many faces appear before me that I can choose to swipe left (no thank you) or right (yes, please) on. Contrary to popular belief (and my own sometimes), I am not desperately looking for someone. Anywhoo, most men don’t put any sort of verbiage with their profile pic, so it’s purely based on looks. 1st there was the 40 year old military hottie whose first question to me was asking what I was looking for on Tinder. Next was a guy that I couldn’t help but feel I had met before.