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The virus interacts with the components and receptors of lipoproteins, which may lead to its development.Herpes transmission occurs between discordant partners; a person with a history of infection (HSV seropositive) can pass the virus to an HSV seronegative person.Herpes whitlow is a painful infection that typically affects the fingers or thumbs.On occasion, infection occurs on the toes or on the nail cuticle.

It is a rare but serious condition, usually caused by vertical transmission of HSV-1 or -2) from mother to newborn.As a result of primary infection, the body produces antibodies to the particular type of HSV involved, preventing a subsequent infection of that type at a different site.In HSV-1-infected individuals, seroconversion after an oral infection prevents additional HSV-1 infections such as whitlow, genital herpes, and herpes of the eye.Prior HSV-1 seroconversion seems to reduce the symptoms of a later HSV-2 infection, although HSV-2 can still be contracted.Many people infected with HSV-2 display no physical symptoms—individuals with no symptoms are described as asymptomatic or as having subclinical herpes.In all cases, HSV is never removed from the body by the immune system.