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Although almost extinct from being hunted, its doglike body, coughing bark, and canine hunting behavior closely parallel that of wolf society, even though they have markedly different ancestries.

A similar process seems to have taken place in human society.

In a process known as parallel evolution, unrelated animal species separated by vast distances often evolve corresponding behavioral and physical characteristics in order to take advantage of available niches.

For example, isolated from the mainland for thousands of years, the marsupial Tasmanian wolf, or thylacine, evolved numerous features similar to the North American wolf.

Fighting is equivalent to the way in which a person controls his or her environment.

Carnivorous personalities are assertive and adventurous, while herbivore personalities tend to be passive and cautious.

Life consists of an astonishing variety of animal species, each with its own distinct behavior and physical properties.

This diversity appears to be an essential component of life, for without it, an ecosystem cannot successfully maintain itself.

However, an ecosystem with a single species cannot survive, and it takes a range of animal species to ensure a healthy habitat.Are these connections coincidental, or is there a more prosaic explanation?A possible clue lies in nature's need for diversity.An animal's mating habits translates into the way that someone conducts their sexual relationships.Some animal species are monogamous while others have a variety of mates.Our human species dominates the earth and is essentially a microcosm of nature.