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The project soon became an unqualified success, and farmers across the region were clamoring to join, but by 1988 CARE was running out of money, and the project was on its last leg.That same year, the United Nations launched the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to explore the science of global warming, while an energy executive named Roger Sant started looking to expand his company’s output – preferably by building wind farms.If this natural rythm had such a pronounced effect on the atmosphere, scientists began to wonder, what impact does rampant deforestation have?How much of our greenhouse gasses come from industrial emissions, and how much form chopping trees?Governments around the world will have pledged more than billion to support "REDD", which is an acronym for "Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation" of forests.The acronym covers a broad set of activities that aim to slow climate change by saving endangered forests and keeping carbon locked in trees.“But a world-wide shift from fossil to non-fossil fuels could not be carried out in a few years…An emergency plant-growing program would provide the necessary short-term response to hold the CO (My Watershed) to help Guatemalan farmers save their topsoil – in part by planting rows of trees on steep farmland to capture runoff and create natural terraces.

Initially posted in 2013, it’s a bit dated, but still a good read.

It’s germination, however, began three decades earlier, in 1958, at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii.

That’s where the late American scientist Charles Keeling started measuring the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – an exercise that eventually yielded the “Keeling Curve”: a diagonal line that zigzags upwards as CO, and falling dormant in the winter.

Instead, he saw trees as a short-term, stopgap measure that would slow the process long enough for technology to catch up.

“The long-term response, if such a catastrophe becomes imminent, must be to stop burning fossil fuels and convert our industry to renewable photosynthetic fuels, nuclear fuels, geothermal heat and direct solar-energy conversion,” he continued.