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When claims for loss of property are considered, the Sub-Commissioners will require distinct proof of the existence of the property, and that it neither has reverted, nor will revert to the claimant. The Government of the Transvaal State will pay and satisfy the amount of every claim awarded against it within one month after the Sub-Commissioners shall have notified their decision to the said Government, and in default of such payment the said Government will pay interest at the rate of six per cent per annum from the date of such default; but Her Majesty's Government may, at any time before such payment, pay the amount, with interest, if any, to the claimant in satisfaction of his claim, and may add the sum thus paid to any debt which may be due by the Transvaal State to Her Majesty's Government, as hereinafter provided for. The Transvaal State will be liable for the balance of the debts for which the South African Republic was liable at the date of annexation, to wit: the sum of £48,000 in respect of the Cape Commercial Bank Loan, and £85,667.
By focusing on these areas, community members will learn about their shared heritage simply by being neighbors.

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This bond stayed in tact until Parks passed in 2006.

During their time together, Vanderbilt and Parks once spoke to the about their interracial relationship, and the anger it brought her family and confusion it created amongst people who knew Parks.

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