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If you feel like it, you can even stick a finger inside your vagina to feel for your cervix. It feels like the tip of your nose with a small dimple in the middle.

Don't worry; if your hands are clean, there are no harm that can be done and nothing that you can break inside.

When you ovulate and are fertile, it moves up (higher), it will feel soft like your facial lips and the hole in the middle will be more open. I never had intercourse in my life yet,i never had hoursing or anything like that...I was thouth Im a virgin, but my boyfriend last night just fingered me even with 2 fingure, but I had no pain, no blood ,and he did not feel anything like hymen in my vagina or... chiristina, Men are not exactly experts on hymens so it is no use asking him.

When you are infertile (10 days before your menstruation and a few days after your menstruation), it will be low and feel firm like the tip of your nose. Your hymen at this age should be just an elastic ring/flap around the outside edge of your vaginal entrance. Not all women will bleed or experience pain when their hymens torn.

Before puberty it is a fairly thin, whitish and tight membrane Once you hit puberty, the estrogen surge you experienced should have made it thicker again, made it fold back onto itself to form a thick ring around the outside edge of your vagina. Once this happens, the hymen will not be that easy to tear or destroy.

Tampons, masturbation and even sex can leave the ring partly in place.

There are a number of things that can go wrong with your hymen.Only at child birth, will these hymenal remnants be totally gone and only a small ridge will be felt around the vaginal entrance.Before puberty the hymen will tear pretty easy as it is stretched thin and tight.This will be an invaluable help to you when you can spot changes that take place in your genitals.Feel and look around the edge of your vaginal entrance for your hymen or what is left of it.When your hymen tears, it can be painful and bleed.