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(…) We’ve all learned a lot about Berlin and about architectural theory and history, we’ve been well looked after and feel that a return to Berlin should happen soon.”“It was very refreshing to have a tour presented by an architect for architects.

Middle eastern dating culture

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In instances the only means of having love is to attempt dating by meeting in schools or common shopping areas.

Now there are more online sites that allow for connections such as facebook.

The dowry may range in price depending on the bride’s family and can cut a knife into someones wallet.

It is not uncommon for a male to pay up to 30,000 dollars for dowry which may not include additional expenses such as jewelry and the wedding reception.

The middle-east is not entirely monotone as their are sexual images in some movies, music clips and magazines.

In the United States there are more available outlets but shunned by traditional families.

The idea of how sex is performed is not unknown but the idea how to perform safely or how to love is lacking.

Marriage is the main option towards establishing a sexual relationship.

Anyone caught engaging in these acts in the middle east may face criminal charges and suffer damage to his or her reputation.

The females reputation is tarnished much more so than the males, which is why females are reluctant to dating. Also when individuals do date, their love is only a means of communication of words which satisfy their lust temporarily.