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I had NO preconceived notions about the Arab community in the states or abroad.
In Istanbul, most of the women know the art of cooking Turkish dishes and love to feed their family and friends.

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Naturally, he tells Emma—but when she goes and buys her own time with Izzy, the three of them spiral into a complex love triangle that, unlike most love triangles, seems to have a workable three-way solution… We watched the first few episodes of the show, which has a lot of heart and enough humor to make it worth your time.

Paste also caught up with Blanchard and Faia to talk about the way You Me Her addresses polyamory, how they acclimated to the unfamiliar story and the truths the show reveals about romantic relationships in general.

I’m sure there are a lot of people who have been living in polyamorous relationships for years and had to keep it quiet.

I know of people in polyamorous relationships, and they’re talking about it, it’s not a secret, they’re more and more open about it.

I was given a 16-page audition and that was all, that was my only context of what was happening in the show.

Immediately I was drawn to Izzy as a character, and the show in general.

I love stories about relationships, and I thought it was a really interesting and unique way to explore human nature and relationships.

I thought it was fun but grounded, which is always my favorite kind of comedy.

Priscilla Faia: My experience was different from Greg and Rachel’s in that I auditioned.

It was imperative, I think, for when we went to camera because our relationships were already set and we have that trust.

When you’re doing a show that’s so intimate, it’s really important to have that, because I think it translates to camera.