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One model earned an astonishing 0 in a single hour. What are the factors that make some performers more successful than others? These best practices included: All of the top models we observed seemed to be following these guidelines, especially with respect to camera quality, connection speed and lighting.
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Since May, Amazon and the publisher Hachette have been locked in a battle over the pricing of e-books. And it’s upset many authors because it’s made their work less available.

For customers it’s meant that they can’t pre-order books from authors such as J. But Amazon is willing to upset some customers and authors as it pursues a long-term strategy for books.

Using multi-layered designs that allow for multimedia, images and even music to be presented to readers as they consume literature, the new format they’ve come up with allows a new way of interfacing with what we read… Downloading ( Kindle & Audible — ed .) ebooks from untrustworthy websites might result in your Amazon account data being compromised, reports one German researcher.

According to Benjamin Daniel Mussler, a security flaw allows malicious code to be injected into an ebook’s metadata, which will then trigger when the victim opens up their Kindle Library web page.

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THE lost works of Scottish authors including James Hogg, Neil Munro and Robert Louis Stevenson are being resurrected by the company behind e-books for the biggest names in contemporary publishing.

Instead of offering a limited set of our own reports for your information and reading pleasure, we’re presenting a larger number of news lead-ins sourced from all around the globe.

There’ll be links to those e-book related developments, events and opinions we believe you’ll find significant and interesting, gathered up as we roam the Web on your behalf.

Pro Quest Ebooks has partnered with O’Mahony’s, Irish booksellers and library suppliers, to deliver key content from leading publishers to institutions across Ireland and the UK.

This new partnership will enable O’Mahony’s customers to purchase over 600,000 ebook titles, which can be chosen title-by-title and then owned outright by the library.