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Maria Rodriguez, President of Vanguard Communications, will give remarks on the evolving social marketing landscape.

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You will get the 'big picture', and the tuning process should make more sense to you. When you do your conversion, it helps if you can hook the fuel injection up (sitting on the fender) except for the actual injectors, while still running the engine on its original fuel system.

This allows you to start the engine and verify that the temperature sensors, TPS sensor, the O sensor, fuel pump, etc., work as expected.

Now that you have installed your Mega Squirt, you need to get your engine started and tuned.

The Wide Band Lambda sensors will need a control circuit/box to run them, the MS ECU can NOT simply plug into the sensor like a narrow band sensor.etc., if you have them available) to tune your engine.Remember that people tuned engines for maximum performance and efficiency for many years with carburettors without any quantitative feedback at all. The O If you have a settings file from someone else's similar configuration, by all means use it as a guide.Read the entire Software Manual first, before attempting to start or tune your car.There may be some later passages that will help you in earlier steps, depending on your installation details.Trying to estimate what your engine will specifically need beforehand can be more confusing than productive.