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“Increasing general taxation is not the solution to all of our social and problems and infrastructural deficits and increasing it too much creates a problem in itself,” he added.

“Collins recognised that ‘the essence of our struggle was to secure freedom to order our own life’.

In this study, we use seven nuclear loci (total of 5.9 kb) and ∼3 kb of mt DNA to infer the phylogenetic relationships among species and test whether the discordance among previous phylogenetic hypotheses is due to introgression and mt DNA capture.

While gene tree topologies varied among the different loci, we recovered a well-resolved coalescent-based species tree.

Delivering the oration at the Collins/Griffith Commemoration in Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin on Sunday, Mr Varadkar said increasing taxation would not be the solution to all of the country’s social deficits.

He said a “functioning tax system should both encourage business and reward individuals as well as providing for those who need protection.

It is thought to affect only a small number of customers.

Bank of Ireland has told customers that this is the result of the European Central Bank’s decision earlier this year to levy a negative interest rate of 0.4% on overnight deposits.

“ And without freedom to order our own lives, any improvements in the economy will be meaningless. But it is achievable if we recognise that we need sound economic policies to achieve better living conditions for all our citizens and that social justice and inclusion, in turn, help to build a stronger more sustainable economy. Economic gains on their own, without a vision for society to accompany them, will result in a squandered prosperity that will ultimately be unsustainable. We must ensure that we do not have it again in the recovery years.” In what is being perceived as a significant speech Mr Varadkar said the Government must build a true enterprise economy, where people are “rewarded for hard-work, innovation and excellence, and are supported, not hindered, by the state in providing for themselves and their families”.

Additionally, hybridization between these two lineages may have resulted in geographically limited nuclear introgression.

Divergence dating analyses suggest that oviparous species diverged within a relatively narrow timeframe from the late Miocene to early Pliocene.

And we know that some banks in Germany and other European countries have begun introducing negative interest rates.

This all stems from the ultra-low interest rate environment that we’ve been living with since the global financial crash in late 2008.