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Things are relieved when it turns out that Fraser had screwed up and accidentally arranged an exchange with the town of Hoogeveen in the Netherlands.

But keeping things with them is easier said than done, thanks to one exchange student who every woman in the school seems to want.

Alfie reveals a hidden 'talent' when the annual football match between Abbey Grove and the school he attended, Middleton House, approaches.

Will the benefit scroungers pull it off, or will it be Middleton's snooty toff boys who clinch the win?

Alfie and his class don't usually take part in the gala, but lured by a cash bet with deputy headmistress Miss Pickwell he decides to bribe them with a group trip to a restaurant and enter the event.

The first day back is also a chance for Alfie to catch up with his girlfriend Rosie, but he's shocked to find out that he isn't in a relationship with her at all, and even more shocked to find out that she is in a lesbian relationship with a former pupil.

Haunted by guilt, will Alfie be able to put her unquiet spirit at rest with the perfect memorial service?

Abbey Grove is rocked by the news that deputy headmistress Miss Pickwell is apparently dead and Alfie is left particularly on edge when her suicide note clearly lays the finger of blame on him after one of his class's pranks pushes her over the edge.

Alfie decides to support his beloved Miss Gulliver in taking a stand against all this violence by organising a weapons amnesty.

While Fraser hires a very inappropriate self-defence tutor, Preet, to help demonstrate the dangers of violence.

They are teacher's pet Joe (Lawrence), tough guy Mitchell (Wernham), wheelchair-bound rudeboy Rem Dog (Binstead), inappropriately flirtatious Chantelle (Runeckles), camp Stephen (Williams), the studious Jing (Alexander) and outwardly fiery Cleopatra (Opia).

At the same time, Wickers finds himself having to deal with the shenanigans of his eccentric headmaster, Shaquille "Simon" Fra$er (Horne) and meet the expectations of a string of deputy heads: at first demanding dictator Isobel Pickwell (Gomez), then the ruthless yet cringeworthy Professor Celia "Pro Green" Green (Spiro), and then his own father, dramatically inappropriate Martin Wickers (Enfield). Bad Education was also partly filmed at the former site of Ashmount Primary School on Hornsey Lane on 12 and .