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Credited to Bernard Shakey and is a truly muddy D-I-Y recording. Jones - hammond organ; Steve 'Smokey' Potts - drums; Astrid Young - backing vocals, piano on "Quit" and "She's a Healer" ; Pegi Young - backing vocals; Larry Cragg* - additional bass guitar on "Let's Roll".

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‘Cos we believe in a ‘win-win’ approach & always try to inculcate these values to our value chain through key stakeholders.

English sailors, Dutch traders, Portuguese spice merchants – they’ve all called Sri Lanka home.

These egg-filled crepe-like wonders can usually be found at breakfast buffets.

Usually made from a rice flour and coconut milk batter, they are a Sri Lankan twist on the traditional pancake.

Sri Lankan curries are among the hottest in the world, but don’t let that put you off.

Fragrant, coconut-based curries packed with chilli, garlic, turmeric and coriander will give your tastebuds a treat.

Intrepid believes that one of the best ways to experience a country is by eating!

Whether you're sampling street food, savouring a cheap eat or indulging in a banquet, there are endless options to choose from wherever you are in the world.

We endeavour to provide travellers with an authentic experience to remember, so we try to keep accommodation as unique and traditional as possible.We are passionate in everything we do and will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to satisfy you, our customer.We pride ourselves in delivering the best to our customers consistently on time.Our Sri Lanka tours are all about cramming as much colour (and curry) into your trip as possible.Trust us, you’ll soon see why they call this place the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.Xiteb® is a Multi-National Web & Mobile Software solutions provider specialized in developing responsive websites, Mobile Apps & Web Apps having its offices in CA-USA, UK, New Zealand, Oman and Sri Lanka established in 2010.