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Both these languages have intelligent controls that keep track of the data as the user is manipulating it.

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In case you haven't noticed, by default the JTable and associated table model don't apply any user-supplied changes. 6, issues 1 and 7) I discussed how to use a JTable with a table model and showed how much work is involved getting a JTable to work with data.This is quite a departure for veterans of other fourth-generation languages who may be used to developing in Visual Basic or Power Builder.I'll walk through the steps needed for database updates.Listing 1 provides the complete code, and Figure 1 displays the application (Listings 1-9 can be found below.) Detecting User Changes Where do we start?The Abstract Table Model class has the following abstract methods: There are additional methods you may want to add, but your class that extends Abstract Table Model must implement these methods. Dimension; public class Custom JTable extends JFrame implements Action Listener The new or modified lines, shown with a different background, are line 9, 10, 13, 19 and 32-33.