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The Choctaw Nation had kept their culture alive despite years of pressure for assimilation.

After the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934, the Choctaw reconstituted their government.

In the aftermath of the Dawes Act in the late 19th century, the US dissolved tribal governments in order to extinguish Indian land claims and admit the Indian and Oklahoma territories as a state in 1909.

From that period, the US appointed chiefs of the Choctaw and other tribes in the former Indian Territory.

Mississippi also recognizes another band, and smaller Choctaw groups are located in Louisiana, Alabama, and Texas. The National Park Service under the Secretary of Interior has posted public notice of the MOWA Choctaw Indian Reservation in Alabama.

The Alabama Choctaw who are federally recognized under 24 C. The Office of the Secretary of Interior issued the MOWA Band of Choctaw Indians its Federal Bureau of Investigations ORI number formally acknowledging the Government to Government relationship in 1999. Federal Court of Appeals was upheld by the United States Supreme Court in 2002. Cushman noted that Choctaw oral history accounts suggested their ancestors had known of mammoths in the Tombigbee River area; this suggests that the Choctaw ancestors had been in the Mississippi area for at least 4,000–8,000 years.