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About 1,700 years ago, the Hopewell people built Nanih Waiya, a great earthwork mound located in what is central present-day Mississippi. The early Spanish explorers of the mid-16th century in the Southeast encountered Mississippian-culture villages and chiefs.

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In fact, the Xbox One X runs only a few degrees warmer than the One S during 4K-enhanced gameplay: both the One S and One X averaged within 106 and 112 degrees fahrenheit, while the PS4 Pro stabilized around 124 degrees during our testing.But how much better do all those impressive-sounding numbers make your games?That gives the One X a noticeable advantage over its closest competitor, the 0 PS4 Pro.The catch of this slender, cool, and dead-quiet console is that its value is dependent on developers updating their games to make the most of it.

It’s great to see your old favorites in a new light - games like Halo 3, Fallout 3, and Oblivion all run nicely - but naturally they won’t blow your hair back with the same gusty force of Gears of War 4.

These monster-sized files can also have an impact on install and load times because so much data needs to be transferred to and from the 5400rpm hard drive.

For example, loading the first campaign level of the native 4K-enhanced version of Gears of War 4 took the One X roughly 20 seconds, compared to 10 seconds for the standard version on a One S.

What’s under the hood is much more admirable: a 2.3 GHz processor, 6-teraflop GPU, and 12GB high-speed GDDR5 memory all give it a significant advantage over the PS4 Pro. And at just 11.8 inches long, 9.4 inches wide, and 2.4 inches high, the One X packs it all into an efficiently compact space that’s around 15% smaller than the PS4 Pro, and yet about 15% heavier at 8.4 pounds.

It’s also as remarkably quiet as the One S, even when it’s working hard, and never got warm enough that overheating in a confined space would be a concern.